Intrsect Privacy Policy



No personal identifying information is collected, but we do track anonymous user analytics to monitor how users interact with our app. This is done to understand how users use our app, so that we know what to improve. The analytics data is shared with the third party service providers that created the analytics software, and with the organisations which license their mobile app for their community. If anything changes to our privacy policy, we will let you know. 

Users in European countries must consent to letting this data be transferred, stored, and used, to the countries in which these third party services operate. Remember that the privacy and data protection laws in these countries may vary from the laws in the country where such users live. See each individual privacy policy for more information.

By continuing to use our products, you consent to our privacy policy and practices.



Our mind-set at Intrsect is that it does not matter who are users are, only that they are happy and satisfied with our products. Our products do not depend on knowing who our users are, so we do not collect any such information. In fact, that type of information would only cause us headaches, so we avoid it.

However, there are a few of things you should know about the information we have decided to collect. This document will describe our privacy policy that applies to any Intrsect Mobile Application that can be found on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

If this Privacy Policy is changed in the future, this document will be updated, and our users will be notified about the changes.

Third Party Services

We use third party services provider (collectively referred to as “Third Party Service”) who operate their own Privacy Policies (listed below) and may provide options to 'opt-out' of data collection. All the Third Party Services we use we, as a company, trust and deem their services important into our effective operation.

You can find out more about the services we use, and in turn those you may use, whilst interacting with our Products. We are also providing information on what we use the services for and links to their associated Privacy Policies.

The Third Party Services we use:

  • Crashlytics — for the capture and collection of crash logs to help us identify bugs in our software. The Crashlytics Privacy Policy can be found at:
  • Answers  — for the collection of anonymous analytical data that tracks user interaction inside our mobile applications, which helps us understand how users use our products. Answers Privacy Policy can be found at:
  • Apple Analytics — (if enabled by user) for the collection of anonymous analytical data to help us better understand how our customers and users use our Services. App Analytics is covered under the Apple Privacy Policy:


Third Party SDK's (Software Development Kit) and API's (Application Program Interface)

  • Fabric SDK — provides us with the ability to capture and collect crash logs through the Crashlytics service, and user interaction through the Answer service:

Information we collect and how we use it

We collect certain information from you when you register and interact with our Services.

Information we receive via our Mobile Applications:

  • Usage Information — we collect certain anonymous information when you use our Products, including information about your interaction with the Products, including the actions you take on the Products; and device information, such as unique device identifiers (app generated, not device-specific), operating system information, and language.

Usage Information we share and who we share it with

All Mobile Apps

  • Third Party Services — Fabric (Crashlytics, Answers), Apple Analytics

App Specific

  • Intrsect Davidson - Davidson College

Data Storage

Data shared to Third Party Services as detailed above may be stored on the servers of the associated Third Party Service.

For Users in European Countries:

These Third Party Service providers are located in the United States of America (and other countries as well, see respective Privacy Policy of each Third Party Service provider), and as a user of our products you agree to let your Usage Information be transferred to, stored, and used, by these Third Party Service providers. Remember that the privacy and data protection laws in these countries may vary from the laws in the country where such users live.

Changes to this Policy

If necessary we may change our privacy policy in the future, and although these changes might be minor we encourage our users to check this page regularly. Any major changes of significant impact to our users will be communicated in this document and in our mobile applications. By continuing to use any Intrsect Mobile Application after those changes become effective, you (the user) are agreeing to be bound by the revised policy.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us on [email protected].


Last updated on 25th August 2017